Students, Faculty Members, Experts’ Reflections towards Program: a CIPP Evaluation Model of Doctor of Philosophy in Teaching and Technology Program

Naree Achwarin


The objective of the research was to evaluate the Doctor of Philosophy in Teaching and Technology Program by applying the CIPP model included 4 components; the contexts; objectives, structure, and contents, the inputs; the student admission and student preparation, learning facilities and support, the process; the teaching and learning process, assessment and evaluation, and dissertation advisory, student development and the outputs; student characteristics and competencies, the quantitative research by using the survey method and qualitative research by using the interview method. The samples were 16 students, 5 faculty
members, and 5 experts. The research instruments were constructed; questionnaires with five Likert Scale and a structured interview form for the interview. The findings revealed that the reflections from participants towards the program was at the most appropriate level (mean =4.27,
S.D.=0.40). The similarities and the differences of reflections towards the program were noted and taken into considerations for further improvement and development.

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