Ethanol Production by Thermotolerant Yeast using Sugarcane Molasses as Substrate

Kanlapaphruek Faichanthuek


thermotolerant strains MT-02, MT-08 and MT-11 were grown in sugarcane molasses and
YM broth containing 15% (w/v) glucose at temperatures 30, 37, and 40°C in order to test
each strain’s capacity for ethanol production in those two different substrate mediums. The
results indicated that MT-08 proved to be the most efficient ethanol producing strain when
compared to the others. When fermented at 30oC for 48 hr. in sugarcane molasses, MT-08
proved to produce ethanol better than the reference strain could under the same conditions.
However, when fermented for the same amount of time in the same substrate medium, it was
found that MT-08 could not produce ethanol as well as the reference strain could at
temperatures 37 and 40°C.

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