The Impact of Brand Image and Customer Value Upon the Buying Decisions and Brand Loyalty of Hotels in the Thai Tourist Industry: A Case Study of the Purchasing Decisions of Gay Men in Thailand Metropolitan Districts

Hatsadee Wangpimoon


One of the most remarkable niche markets, represented by the gay community, has been growing and developing around the world and has increasingly become a very strong market segment for hotel business providers to consider. This is because this community has developed a special identity of its own. This paper is focused on hotel businesses patronized by gay customers or interested in attracting gay customers with a focus travel to (or within) Thailand. This study shows that brand image and customer values have a positive influence on gay men’s buying decisions and on their willingness to become loyalty customers. The results of this research demonstrate that gay men tend to stick together and that gay buying
power has rapidly expanded in Thailand. The author hopes that this research will be useful to those who are planning to do business with gay customers.

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