A Case Study Exploring Piano Pedagogy in Yangon, Myanmar

Aung Chan Nyein


This research aim to explore the condition of piano teaching and learning, to
understand more about current piano teaching pedagogies, the obstacles and the challenges of piano teaching and learning in Yangon, Myanmar. The research was conducted in qualitative method; the participants are teachers who have at least 10 years’ experience on piano teaching. Eight piano teachers from different music teaching centers, churches and universities, and three independent piano teachers were interviewed. After the analysis of data, it was found that most of piano teacher cannot well undertake the essential competencies of piano teaching and majority of piano teacher are not qualify. The most encounter problems are students’ lack of interest on music, and do not have time for practice because of tuitions. Parental involvement in music is still weak. The present research examines the current piano teaching and offer better recommendation to improve the level of piano teaching in Yangon.

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