The Current Situation and Countermeasures of Knowledge Management for Public Primary School Teachers

Rongnan Zhang, Thada Siththada


With the rapid development of information technology and the deepening of educational reform, teacher knowledge management has gradually become a hot topic in the field of education. Teacher knowledge management aims to improve teacher work efficiency and educational quality, promote teacher professional development and innovation. In today's educational environment, teacher knowledge management is of great significance in addressing complex educational challenges and promoting educational innovation. The development of teacher knowledge management can be traced back to the 1990s, when information technology began to be applied in the field of education. At this stage, teacher knowledge management mainly focuses on establishing educational resource and knowledge bases, as well as developing educational software and platforms. With the advancement of technology and the continuous upgrading of educational needs, teacher knowledge management is gradually shifting from resource library construction to teacher professional development and innovation, focusing on teacher knowledge acquisition, sharing, application, and innovation. This article takes Tieling Primary School in Harbin as an example to conduct a questionnaire survey. Through data comparison and analysis, it is found that primary school teachers are still in a state of ignorance about personal knowledge management and have not formed a good system. Intended to provide solutions to the problems that arise and ultimately achieve the goal of improving the knowledge management of primary school teachers. Harbin Tieling Primary School is located in Harbin City and is a well-known primary school. Here, we adopted a questionnaire survey to investigate the knowledge management of primary school teachers, in order to better understand the current situation of teacher knowledge management.

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