Problems of Excessive Education in Primary Schools for Educational Management in China

Minjun Zhao, Ganratchakan Lertamornsak


In China, the educational management of primary schools is a very important link. With the increasing competition of education, excessive education has become a common problem in primary education in our country. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the problem of educational management of excessive education in primary school in China, analyze its causes and multiple influences, and put forward relevant suggestions for improvement. Through literature review and empirical research, it is found that the old educational concept, the restriction of the educational system, the shallow campus culture and the high expectation goal are the main reasons leading to the excessive education in primary schools. These problems not only bring unnecessary learning pressure to students, but also affect their physical and mental health, ignoring students' individual needs and all-round development. In order to solve these problems, this paper puts forward the need to renew the concept of education, pay attention to the cultivation of students' active learning ability and innovative spirit; Reform the education system and establish a diversified evaluation system; Deepen campus culture, cultivate students' teamwork ability and social responsibility; Adjust the expected goals, formulate reasonable teaching plans, and avoid excessive expectations leading to students' frustration and pressure and other solutions. Through these measures, a better educational environment can be created for the healthy growth of primary school students.

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