Development of Leadership for Educational Management in Chinese Institutes: A Literature Review

Mengyao Tang, Suttipong Boonphadung, Tuanjai Donprasit


This study explored the evolving landscape of leadership in Chinese educational management, utilizing frameworks like Transformational Leadership, Cross-Cultural Leadership, Change Management, and Leadership Development. It highlights integrating traditional Chinese cultural values with modern global educational trends, revealing a unique leadership model that merges transformational attributes with Chinese norms. This study underscores the importance of leadership in contemporary education by harmonizing global practices with local traditions, ensuring the relevance and effectiveness of educational institutions in today's rapidly changing world. The study examines cross-cultural leadership challenges, emphasizing the need for leaders to bridge global educational systems and local cultural practices adeptly. It also explores change management strategies in Chinese educational settings, advocating for collaborative approaches that resonate with China's communal values. Additionally, the study assesses the current state of leadership development programs in China, focusing on the shift toward practical skill enhancement and the importance of continuous learning and mentorship. By providing a comprehensive understanding of leadership development complexities in Chinese educational institutions, this study contributes to the global conversation on educational leadership, highlighting the critical role of effective leadership in adapting to and thriving in the modern educational landscape.

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