Optimization Approaches for Primary Schools Educational Management based on the Concept of People Oriented

Shi Fan, Nutiya Noichun


This article provides a comprehensive overview of primary school education management, with a particular emphasis on the significance of putting people first. Firstly, we gained a deep understanding of the current situation of primary school education management and emphasized the key role of the people-oriented education management method. Continuing to explore the core principles and principles of people-oriented management, emphasizing its integration into primary education and cultivating a more comprehensive learning environment. The following focuses on how the people-oriented education method can strengthen school management, discusses the challenges faced by traditional management methods, and explains the limitations in solving obstacles. It also introduces the optimization strategy of people-oriented education management. This article considers the potential impact of people-oriented management on the landscape of primary education and looks forward to the future. The people-oriented management method is an important catalyst for creating a more effective, inclusive, and dynamic education system, shaping the future of primary education in a profound and positive way.

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