The Development of Multimedia for Educational Administration in Vocational and Technical Colleges in China

Dan Jia, Ganratchakan Lertamornsak


With the continuous development and widespread application of information technology, multimedia has gradually become an important component of educational administration in vocational colleges. Multimedia teaching is the use of modern multimedia technologies such as computers and projectors to transmit educational information to students through multimedia forms such as graphics, images, and sound based on the characteristics of the course itself, in order to achieve relevant educational goals. By analyzing and mining multimedia information, teachers can understand the current learning situation and effectiveness of students, and then provide targeted teaching guidance and improvement. Through extensive data analysis of multimedia technology, university teachers can plan and arrange educational resources reasonably. Therefore, with the continuous development of information technology and the increasing importance of educational administration, the application of multimedia in vocational college educational administration will continue to grow, providing more convenience and support for education and teaching.

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