A Rural Teachers' Sense of Happiness in Kunming Wuhua District Xuexin Education and Training School

Qi Guo


Teachers' occupation happiness is when teachers engaged in education and teaching experience to this occupation can meet their own needs, to realize their own value, and can produce happiness. Happiness is an important premise for teachers to do educational work, is a solid foundation for success, is the intrinsic motivation of teachers' professional development is the highest. The pursuit of education. And the current state of rural teachers lacks of sense of happiness, teachers’ occupation burnout serious. but happiness two level occupation differentiation serious, according to the overall analysis, respectively from the basic situation, occupation identity, leadership and management, income and welfare, social support, make a concrete analysis of the influence factors of interpersonal relationship and other aspects of teachers' sense of happiness. The analysis found that the occupation identity is not high, management is not reasonable, not satisfied with the income and welfare, social support and social status, interpersonal disharmony is the main reason for the lack of professional happiness.

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