The Traditional Chinese Education on Modern Educational Management in China

Han Xu, Thada Siththada


The aims of this research are: 1) Analyze the differences and similarities between traditional Chinese educational cultural concepts and modern educational concepts. 2) Refer to relevant literature and summarize the advantages and disadvantages of traditional Chinese education culture on modern education management. 3) Propose improvement suggestions based on current policies and study their feasibility. The modern educational concept is an advanced educational concept in the 21st century, which draws on the experience brought by many years of educational achievements. However, in order to build a modern educational concept and management method with Chinese local educational characteristics, it is necessary to achieve the organic integration of "traditional educational concepts" and "contemporary school educational management methods". After integrating the values leadership, moral leadership, and curriculum and teaching leadership of both, we can gain new experiences and inspiration from them. That is to strengthen basic education, advocate comprehensive quality education, introduce high-tech, and attach importance to educational evaluation.

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