The Path towards Community Health Promotion Model Driven by Integration of Sports and Medicine in the Era Post COVID-19 Pandemic

TU Si-Jing, WEI Yu-Jia


We aimed to discuss the opportunities and challenges of health promotion in communities in the era of post COVID-19 pandemic by adopting the method of literature review and then propose the development path. In the era of Post COVID-19 pandemic, the value and role of community health promotion are further highlighted. However, the integration of sports and medicine (ISM) in China is still in the exploratory stage, the concept of "TCM Preventive Treatment" is not widely accepted, and the relevant laws and policies are absent and the number of relevant talents is quite few. In order to deepen community services of the ISM and promote the joint development, joint treatment and sharing of health management, it is necessary to formulate laws and policies which can be implemented in primary departments, build an intelligent community service platform for the ISM featuring big data, mobilize social forces to be involved and train the ISM talents serving community.

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