Baked Starch-based Bio-composite Foam Filled with Cassava Wastes

Kantida Thinyom, Datchanee Pattavarakorn


In this study, the preparation of environmentally friendly and biodegradable starch foam was studied. By studying the addition of natural additives, cassava wastes from cassava starch production process as reinforce fillers. The starch foam was forming by baking process in a hot mold at 180 OC. The results showed that addition of casava wastes improved wettability, thermal properties, and mechanical properties of the casava starch foam. The flexural stress of the starch foam increased from 2.67 MPa to 11.53 MPa when 30%wt. cassava wastes were added. The results indicate that cassava starch/casava waste composite foam could be used as a biodegradable foam.

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