Thai Decorum (Sombat Phudee): Principles of Good behavior or Means of Class Oppression

Jirawat Nitiboramattada, Ravich Takaew, Kirti Bunchua


This research aims to find Thai ethical principles applicable to Thai people, which are principles of Thai behavior that everyone should treat each other and live a good life. These principles are to be applicable not only with male and female, but also child and adult, the poor and the rich, ordinary persons and those in position. These principles can be applied to every Thai and still retain the Thai uniqueness. From documents or teachings of Thai people about the principles of behavior, it can be seen that “Thai Decorum” can be used as principles for everyone in society. But many Thais distort and use “Thai Decorum” as a tool to oppress others, causing many oppressed people to cast doubt on their dignity as human beings.

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