Research on the Music Transmission Types of the Native Guangxi Bourau Chorus

Zou jian jun, Nataporn Rattanachaiwong


The study of music communication in this paper mainly refers to the mutual transmission and sharing of music ideas and music information of Guangxi Bourau indigenous chorus in the process of social group communication. The purpose of this study is to analyze and summarize the status and type characteristics of Guangxi Bourau indigenous choral music communication under the background of globalization. This paper mainly uses literature research method and comparative research method to analyze and compare the music transmission types and characteristics of Guangxi Bourau indigenous chorus. Through analysis and research, it is found that the choral communication of Guangxi Bourau Chorus is mainly divided into vertical communication and horizontal communication. Vertical transmission mainly refers to the natural folk transmission of the native Guangxi Bourau chorus, including the intergenerational and ethnic transmission of the Guangxi Bourau multi-part folk songs. Horizontal communication mainly refers to the choral creation of Zhuang nationality and the cross-cultural communication of singing. It mainly refers to the communication of choral works of Guangxi Bourau folk songs adapted and created within the region of Guangxi by adopting Guangxi Bourau music materials and adopting Western music creation techniques, mainly involving the communication forms of school education, social organization and modern media.

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