A Study of Environment and Potential of Thai Traditional Medical Services in Thai Medicine of the Royal Thai Army Hospital, First Army Area Command

Jareerat On-aree, Vichai Chokevivat, Supalak Fakkham, Supachai Wasananon, Dolruedee Wasananon


This study aims to study the current situation and examine the environment and potential of Thai Traditional Medicine Service in terms of Thai medicine provided by Army hospitals, First Army Area Command via qualitative methods including literature review and group discussion. Thirty-six participants were purposely selected as sample study groups. Results indicated that: 1) Strengths: Being perceived as a major alternative service for hospital clients and continuous professional development, 2) Weaknesses: Staff management issues, conflicts with modern medicine services, specialized equipment lacking, and inconvenient area, 3) Opportunities: direct position recruitment, training opportunity, and IT system implementation, and 4) Threats: supporting staff insecurity, herbal medicine manufacturing supervisor lacking, and non-systematic integration with modern medicine professionals.

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