The Trend of an Advisory Teacher System Studies in Thailand: A Documentary Study

Benyapat Wuntong, Nitipat Mekkhachorn, Niranart Sansa, Nikom Nak-Ai


It has been more than 10 years that a student care and support system policy has been implemented in Thailand with government support. The policy has inadvertently motivated tons of research on this topic in almost every aspect. However, research focused on an advisory teacher system separately is barely seen since it has been included in the children care paradigm. This study aimed to explore the trend of advisory system development studies as to bridge the gap. This study is descriptive research using documents like papers, articles, thesis, and official policy to investigate the studies of an advisory teacher system knowledge within the last decade. The study found that there have been two main trends in advisory teacher system research. One has been the studies arranged in the scope of undergraduate level which mostly questioned of performance roles of advisor and problems of the advisory system. Another studied advisor in compulsory education as one of the compositions of the student care and support system policy. Moreover, questions of these studies were of the adviser teacher’s performance and the development of student care and support system management especially in an aspect of student screening. The trend is going to be an advisory teacher as a secondary key of the whole system of the student care program. However, it lacks the study on the specific scope like on qualification of an advisory teacher, and program of training an advisory teacher as a specialist.

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