Factors Affecting Media Literacy during COVID-19 Pandemic of High Secondary School Students in Pittsburgh City, Pennsylvania, USA

Bahadir Turgut, Prasak Sanparp


Social media literacy is important because of its popularity. The aim of this research was to identify factors affecting high secondary school students’ social media literacy during COVID-19 pandemic in Pittsburgh City. From cross-sectional survey, sample sized was calculated and selected by proportional stratified randomization. 160 students were included. The validity (IOC) and reliability (Cronbach’s alpha), of questionnaire were more than 0.5 and 0.76 respectively. The descriptive statistics and multiple linear regression by forward stepwise were applied. The findings are as follow: the students’ social media literacy levels were high. The factors affecting social media literacy were self-directed learning, school and parent supports. This model can predict social media literacy of high secondary school students by 43.4%. The recommends were the school should promote self-directed learning and have a course of media literacy for students. The family should control and suggest their children to use social media.

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