Use of Mobile Applications for Tourism

Frank Vanhentenrijk


The objective of this research were to 1) study the current use of mobile applications for tourism, and 2) find guideline for the use of mobile applications for tourism. This research employed quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. The research samples were 400 tourists. These samples were selected by simple random sampling method. The research tool for data collection was a questionnaire. Data were analyzed in terms of percentage, mean, and standard deviation. The researcher also conducted interviews with 5 executives and computer staffs from tourism business. They were selected by purposive sampling. The research result revealed that tourism business had gained high benefits from the use of mobile applications, especially in terms of customer services. The guidelines for the use of mobile applications for tourism business were as follows: 1) the formulation of clear policies was required for the use of mobile applications to enhance tourism business competitive, 2) mobile applications must be designed and developed in terms of helpful information support and ease of use, and 3) appropriate promotion and update information for the use of mobile applications must be put in place for tourists.

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