Landscape Management through Community Participation in the Area of Conserved Buildings on Mee Chai Road, Mueang District, Nong Khai Province

Arinchapong Jarungkitsuwan, Pastraporn Thipayasothorn, Somchai Seviset


This research aims to access a usage of conserved building area in community in order to determine its alignment with goals of land usage and building conservation. The present study is mainly based on principles of area research with two main data methods. Using purposive sampling, data was collected with five buildings’ owners and three government officers to look into ways of rehabilitating the conserved buildings and also to understand community participation. who have lived nearby the area consist of three groups which are (i) a deteriorating condition which requires an improvement, (ii) an abandon condition which is unsuitable for living due to deterioration, and (iii) a conserved condition which was maintained. The research result showed that government departments should participate in the process of building preservation. The collaboration from the government which leads to information accessibility, obligations and regulations on urban planning.

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