Application of Value Stream Mapping for Improvement the Manufacturing Process in Miniature Furniture: The Case Study of MW Crafts Firm

Yawen Li, Klairung Ponanan


This research has applied Value Stream Mapping (VSM) for waste analysis in Logistics and Supply Chain of MW craft firm’s miniature table product in China. Firstly, an in-depth interview has been employed to obtain the data from the staffs of the MW craft firm. Secondly, VSM is applied to draw the current production process. Finally, the analysis of the waste in the manufacturing process has been found. The whole non-value-added time of this miniature table product is 1,072.1 minutes. There are many non-value-added activities. The largest proportion among these non-value-added processes is the glue dry time of the assembling process, which is 44.78%. Since each product must go through more than eight hours of glue dry time. On the other hand, the largest proportion of the total value-added time is the cutting process, which is equal to 57.67%.

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