Noun Phrase Structures in English Online Advertisement on Bags

Pattarasaya Pitaktrairat, Suwaree Yordchim, Angvarrah Lieungnapar


This study aims to 1) To survey frequency of vocabulary (nouns and adjectives) related to the English advertisement of bags; 2) To analyze noun phrase structures in English online advertisement of bags. The research method is qualitative with document analysis. Data are collected from 1,000 English ads, from nineteen websites. Identify parts of speech by using TagAnt program and classify the word frequency by using Antconc program. The results show that 1) The overall of three frequent words found from top 50 are leather (12%), strap (7%) and shoulder (5%), respectively. The top three frequent nouns are still leather (14%), strap (8%) and shoulder (6%). For adjectives found are: adjustable (8%), smooth (6%) and small (5%), respectively. There are eleven categories found: accessory, attribute, color, component, material, number, shape, size, style, texture, and type. 2) Three types of noun phrase structures were: The most complex one is Pre-Post modification at 69%, Pre-modifiers at 29% and Post-modification at 2%. There are varieties of noun phrase structures found including vocabulary categories. The study is the most useful for L2 of Business students in creating advertisements and other marketing materials.

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