Happiness Requisitivity with Neutrality According to Moderate Postmodern Philosophy

Phra Asawin Chimtawan, Kirti Bunchua, Sirikorn amalitwarin


This research is a philosophical research. It is aimed to answer the question that happiness requires neutrality according to moderate postmodern philosophy. The findings showed that the pursuit of happiness with neutrality is being indicated since the ancient era until postmodern era; the ancient paradigm proposes that happiness will occur only when the mind relied on the natural law, not biased in preferring the idea of a particular school. Medieval paradigm proposes that the requisite neutral mind is to purify from the desires gain eternal happiness in the next world, however, in this world, they must be ascetic. The modern paradigm proposes that happiness can be gained by knowing the truth of facts and decisions upon the facts. Postmodern paradigm purposes to seek happiness by detachment, seeking for a point of parity and the points of difference with neutrality, acceptating the variety. The researcher purposed the pursuit of happiness with postmodern philosophy that is appropriated to the digital era, cultivating the neutral mind by 6 steps as follows: 1. Rejecting all commandments, not giving a meaning to anything including the ideas. 2. Observing the being with the soul 3. Considering what the mind finds free from decision-free. 4. Questioning the previous idea then answering with all the findings until the end of doubt. 5. Understanding and accepting that answer. 6. Comprehending the reality along the natural cycle. After following these 6 steps, the answers would come from the understanding of all nature with the neutral mind, not tuning with one’s own ideas. Being will manifest itself whereas the thinker might reject it and rely on his own thought. Therefore, the conflict occurs. The happiness is caused by the thought, the suffering also is caused by the thought. To extinguish the suffering in this world, it is necessary to correct the thought with a neutral mind that leads to the happiness according to reality.

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