The Interpreters that the Love of Neighbors in the New Testament Scriptures According to the Postmodern Philosophy

Satsawat Moonsathan, Kirti Bunchua, Ravich Takaew


This research is a philosophical research with the objective of answering the question whether Love in the New Testament can be interpreted in the perspective of postmodern philosophy. The research found out that loving the neighbors according to Jesus' teachings is loving humans.  But there is the opposite of the argument that 1. The New Testament should be interpreted according to the meaning that has been familiar., 2. Interpreted according to the meaning that the Jews gave to the Law 3.To teach for Christians to love theirs neighbors as people who live close to each other, who are the same Christians, which is a right enough action.  For the researcher searched for the answer to argue on the first issue that Jesus did not limit the word neighbor by understanding as accustomed or defined but also to means also those who need care and want love. Secondly, loving the neighbors according to the Jewish law is good, but God wants to do more than the literal meaning, that is done to those whom we do not know. And the third point, Jesus Christ clearly teaches that our neighbors are not only the same race, social status, or religion as ours, may be the enemy that is attacking us. The researches suggests to research further about love for peace, ether in the personal social level.

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