Flipped Classroom: Enhancing Mathematics Achievement and Investigating Critical Thinking SkillS of Grade 11 Students

Nitthawat Leelawatthanapan, Chaweewan Kaewsaiha


The purposes of this classroom action research on using flipped classroom approach were: 1) to enhance students’ achievement and 2) to investigate students’ critical thinking skills in learning ‘Derivative of Functions’. Thirty Grade 11 students were purposively selected and served as the participants of this study. They studied in the special program and took the additional mathematics course in the second semester of the academic year 2017. The research instruments consisted of learning management plans for 12 periods, achievement test and critical thinking skills tests. The research design was one group pretest-posttest based on the flipped classroom approach in learning content and investigating on critical thinking skills. The statistics used in data analysis were Effectiveness Index (E.I.) and the percentage. The results showed that the E.I. was 0.6384, which was higher than the acceptance criteria of 0.50 or 50%, which concluded that the flipped classroom approach affected increasing students’ achievement by 63.84% compared to their previous knowledge. In addition, the percentage of number of students showed critical thinking abilities in each component from the highest to the lowest as follows: 1) Recognition of assumption (86.46%), 2) Deduction (83.12%), 3) Inference (81.04%), 4) Evaluation of arguments (63.96%), and 5) Interpretation (56.67%).

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