UPEKKHA and the Development of Quality of Life

Chetniphat Phithiyanuwat, Kirti Bunchua, sirikorn amalitwarin


Upekkha is the one of the 4 virtues in Brahmavihara Domain for holding equanimity under the control of the intellect called Yanapekkha, however some persons misunderstood this virtue to be impractical and inert that leads its rejection.  The researcher thus would like to find the answer to the question whether Upekkha support the development of quality of life. This research had objectives to analyze, appreciate and apply the Epekkah with the moderate postmodern philosophy as the means for the development of quality of life. This research employed methods of philosophical research, namely dialectical and discursive, discussing with the opposing groups consisting of those who followed the modern philosophy. The findings of this research indicated that the opposing groups held the view that Upekkha is not the virtue for the development of the quality of life at present according to the pragmatist ideal because of the decision for inaction in any issue, inert to all subject and object. The researcher had a contrasting view and proposed that Upekkha is the virtue guided by the intellectual instinct that provides power up to the development of the quality of life. These findings can serve as a rationale for and guidelines to the development of quality of life for the practitioner according to the Brahmavihara and Magga for the authentic happiness in this world and the next world.

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