A Study of Integrated Vectors into STEM Learning

Chalongrat Khaoloek, Supotch Chaiyasung


This study aimed to analyze ‘Vector’ topic in high school mathematics suitable strategies to engage students learn mathematics by integrating into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The type of study was synthesis research using information from website resources and related materials. The results of the study found that the applications of vector in mathematics were used in four themes of STEM learning: (1) Definition of vector involves magnitude and direction, (2) Addition and subtraction of vector involves algebraic and geometric calculation, (3) Multiplication of vector or dot vector involves algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric calculation, and (4) Activities for engagement in STEM learning. In addition, the teachers can apply student-centered approach such as experiment in small group, problem-based learning, discussion and others to help students make this connection to achieve in their aims on a regular basis and wants more mathematics in learning science, technology, and engineering.

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