The Effect of Application Features and Commitment on Trust and E-Loyalty of Consumers Using Online Hotel and Flight Booking

Wassamon Poungnoi, Lokweetpun Suprawan


The purpose of this research was to study the effect of application features and commitment on trust and e-loyalty of consumers using online hotel and flight booking. The samples used in the study were collected from 385 respondents through the offline questionnaires. The statistics used in the data analysis were descriptive statistics which are percentage, mean, standard deviation and the inferential statistics used to test the hypothesis are simple linear regression analysis.

            The result of this research showed that the most of respondents were female between the ages of 26-33 years old with bachelor’s degree. Moreover, the most of respondents were the private company employee with the income of 15,000- 30,000 Baht. The results of the hypothesis test showed that the importance of creating loyalty by focusing on both hedonic and utilitarian features which effects to customer loyalty. Affective commitment and calculative commitment are also influenced to trust and e-loyalty of the online hotel and flight booking application and trust is importance of e-loyalty.

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