Philosophy of Good Governance as Found in the Egyptian Civilization

Kirti Bunchua, Sirikorn Amalitwarin


General Prayut Chan-ocha as the Prime-minister of Thailand and at the same time the Head of the Reformation Constituency, proposed as his justification for reformation  that his Exemplary  Good Governance would emphasize the  6 qualities, namely Legality, Morality, Transparency, Participation, Responsibility and Effectivity, thus fulfilling the King’ Wisdom (SastraPra Raja)

The researcher as a member of the Royal Academy of Thailand for Philosophy and Religion, and at the same time, Head of the School of Philosophy and Ethics  in SuanSunandhaRajabhat University, always tries to show that His MajestyBhumibol Rama IX, the late King of Thailand, during His long reign had promoted the prosperity of the country through His Philosophy of Good Governance, starting from the first Proclamation in the ceremony of Enthronement: “ We will govern by Dharma for  the authentic happiness of the Great People of Siam.”

This research took the accomplishment of the Egyptian Civilization as a case study to find out how it is possible to imply King Rama IX’ Philosophy to action for the effective outcome therewith.

This research tried hence to understand the effective outcome in the case of  

General Prayut’s  accomplishment  according to the Royal Philosophy of His Majesty King Rama IX using the case study of Egypt as a model of explanation.

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