Dynamic heritage through five paradigms and Corruption Suppression

Pojana Manoch, Sirikorn Amalitawarin, Anek Suwanbundit


The objective of the study was to clarify the concepts of moderate postmodern philosophy and corruption by dialectic and discursive methods. The study suggested that the corruption could be defined in terms of breaking and spoiling system. However, corruption in the moderate postmodern paradigm may not be only ethicalbut is also metaphysical whose problem could not be solved directly, law and power or authoritywhereas the social movement would be the tool to enhance and defined protestthe opposite way, it could protect the corrupt environment. Corruption presents different attitudes in different paradigmsbut moderate postmodernism would have make people reconsider the cultural aspect and turn to confront with the problem wisely. The results of this research can change the worldview of the people on corruption, and introduce the new approaches on problem solving of the corruption

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