Effect of using Tilapia bone powder on quality of Keang-Leang paste

Apinya Phuksuksakul, Orawan Phungkum, Natcharat Paekul, Dusit Buran


The aim of the research is to study about an adequate amount of an additional tilapia bone powder in kaeng-leangpasteby separated the amount of tilapia bone powder to 4 levels 0, 5, 10 and 15 percent respectively. 4 recipes of kaeng-leang paste are calculated by using RCBD experiment. Duncan’s multiple rang test initiated by ANOVA at 95% confidence level is used to measure the physical quality of kaeng-leangpasteby their viscosity, color level, acidity and alkalinity. The results represent that kaeng-leangwith 10 percent of tilapia bone powder is accepted by the consumers because of their greatest rate of texture that affected to the tasting sense of the consumers with 8.25 ± 1.41 points. The difference of tilapia bone powder is result in decreasing of L value (Brightness), however a* and b* are tend to increased. Although, the viscosity of kaeng-leang is varing according to the amount of tilapia bone powder. On the other hand, acidity and alkalinity are inversely vary to the amount of tilapia bone powder.

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