Synthesis of the Modle forDevelopment Model of research productivity in vocational education Institues by Applying the Empowerment Evaluation

Anotaya Ruengsri, Vandee Sangprateeptong, Somkid Promjui, Kanda Poonlaptawee


This study aim to synthesis the effective model for development of research productivity in vocational education institutes using empower evaluation. The cohorts data were collected from 19 heads of the department, 38 teachers and 155 volunteers from 19 institutes and 155 academies and extrapolate using empower evaluation. The results from prototype model suggested that good research productive model required 5 essential components namely 1) Principle of the model, 2) Mechanism of the model, 3) Objective of the model, 4) Operating procedure of the model and 5) Evaluation of the model.

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