Approaches to Enhance Services of Accommodation Business in Amphawa District and Bangkhontee District, Samut Songkhram Province for Senior Tourists

Bidur Pandey, Sarita Puntien


This research aimed to provide approaches to develop or enhance accommodations in Amphawa District and Bangkhontee District, Samut Songkhram Province to facilitate senior tourists properly. Key informants of this study consisted of hotel staff at the operational level and local residents in the areas as well as academics in the field of tourism and hotel business. Total number was 11 people. They were selected by purposive sampling which is a non-probability sampling technique. Data were gathered with a means of in-depth semi-structured interviews. The research findings showed that in order to serve senior tourists well, accommodations should be easy or convenient to reach. This aspect was priority. Clear signs telling directions to accommodations should be put in place. Accommodations should have certain measures to ensure safety and security for tourists. In terms of personnel, hotel staff should have proper knowledge on senior tourists’ needs and how to take care and give advices to them, especially first aid knowledge and basic medical assistance. Accommodations should also pay an attention to their surroundings which needed to be tranquil, natural, and peaceful, or they should be designed with eco-friendly concerns and should be compatible with existing natural resources. As for facilities in the accommodations, this aspect was very necessary for senior tourists therefore accommodations should provide proper facilities that made everything convenient for them in all areas. Lastly, in terms of activities, accommodations should arrange activities that were compatible with local resources or made use resources properly.

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