The Caring of Terminal Stage Patient According to Postmodern Philosophy

Ladda Thaipreecha, Kirti Bunchua, Metha Harimtepathip


The objective this philosophical research was to answer the philosophical question: “Could Postmodern philosophy apply to serve the terminal stage patient”. The result is found out that the opposite side had the reason: “The caring of palliative patient must be served with modernist philosophy solely”, because only the scientific procedure has credibility and universality. But the researchers’ opinion was contrary to such an interpretation seeing that it had weaknesses that could be disputed.  The conclusion of that interpretation ignored the ethic of caring which is the essence of the postmodern philosophy, especially in terms of creativity power that is the new medical technology and the innovation advance so quickly because of  creativity which thinks outside the traditional scientific limit. When the modern philosophy dominates, it often block the creativity.  Whereas strengthening the critical thinking of the patients, including the application of creativity, adaptivity, collaborativity and requisitivity, to reach the highest ideals in life, it results in a betterment of the quality of life and the patients would accept the illness happily

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