Using Infographics to Enhance Grade 12 Students’ Mathematical Communication Abilities in Learning Linear Programming

Kamonthip Ongartyuthanakorn, Chaweewan Kaewsaiha


This classroom action research examined the effectiveness of using infographics for mathematical communication skills in learning linear programming. The purposes were (1) to enhance students’ learning achievement; and (2) to study students’ self-confidence in learning mathematics. The participants were31 grade twelve students studying in the Additional Mathematics course which were purposively selected. Research instruments consisted of eight lesson plans for twelve periods in the ‘Linear Programming’ topic, pretest, posttest, and student’s self-confidence questionnaire. Data was collected regarding students’ pretest and posttest scores and students’ responses in self-confidence questionnaire.

The results of this action research showed that (1) the effectiveness with respect to student achievement after being instructed had an effectiveness index (E.I.) score of 0.6816 which means students’ achievement had increased by 68.16% comparing with their basis; and (2) Student opinion towards the instruction helped their confidence in learning mathematics is at ‘Strongly Agree’ (45.48%), ‘Agree’ (44.19%) and ‘Disagree’ (10.32%).

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