Influences of Structural Causal Organizational Support Perception and Organizational Commitment toward the Employee Retention of a Financial Institute in Bang Bon District

Pharin Thanonthaweekul, Pongsin Sukantapong, Thanyanan Boonyoo


This study aimed to (1) explore levels of organizational support perception, organizational commitment and employee retention; (2) investigate the structural causal organizational support perception and organizational commitment toward the employee retention of a financial institute in Bang Bon District. Samples in this exploratory quantitative study were 145 employees of a financial institute in Bang Bon District. The research instrument in this study was a questionnaire which was statistically analyzed by percentage, means, standard deviation, and structural equation model analysis. The results of the study revealed that: (1) organizational support perception, organizational commitment, and employee retention of these participants were overall averaged at high level; and (2) the results of structural causal organizational commitment showed that the perceived organizational support had overall influence to organizational commitment factors (i.e. belief, affective, and trust commitments). Organizational commitment, belief and affective factors have direct impact on employee retention; however, trust commitment didn’t. Recommendation based on the results of the study was that financial institute in Bang Bon District should provide all factors of employees’ perceived organizational support to enhance employees’ satisfactory organizational commitment and retention.

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