Growth medium condition for antibiotic production in novel Micromonospora species

Suphansa Chanphen, Suchart Chanama, Manee Chanama


The objective of this study was to investigate the condition of growth medium suitable for antibiotic production of Micromonospora sp. strain SMC253 against ESKAPE pathogens, which was observed at 28°C. Antibacterial metabolite production of SMC253 was evaluated on twenty-six different growth solid media using the agar plug diffusion method. Eighteen of growth media exhibited a wide variety of antimicrobial activities against tested ESKAPE pathogens. A wide range of antibacterial activity against all pathogens was observed only in SMC253 growing on two types of growth agar media (B1 and J1), and the corresponding antibiotic was subjected to ethyl acetate extraction and retested against ESKAPE. It is clear that among the 26 designed growth media SMC253 growing on the B1- agar medium produced the highest yield of the broad-spectrum antibiotic.

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