Older People’s Lived Experiences with Participation in Shareholding Networks for the Care of Older People in Rural Areas of Thailand: A Phenomenological Hermeneutic Study

Supaporn Voraroon, Ove Hellzén, Yaowaluck Meebunmak, Ingela Enmarker


Older people participating in shareholding networks are exposed to diverse
situations, which may be associated with dignity. Aims: This study aimed to illuminate the meaning of lived experiences when participating in shareholding networks for the care of older people (SNOs) in rural areas. Methods: This qualitative study is based on individual interviews. Ten older Thai per-sons with at least 12 months of lived experiences participating
in SNOs in rural areas were interviewed. A phenomenological-hermeneutic approach, was used to understand the meaning of the narrated text. Findings: The structural analysis resulted in four themes: 1) being satisfied with activities, 2) being valued as important, 3) being frustrated and feeling sad, and 4) being bored and feeling disinterest. The meaning of
participation in a shareholding network for the elderly SNOs feelings of confidence and presence of others. Confidence and allowing the presence of others mean facing humanity and sensing vulnerability.

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