The optimum conditions cultivated KDML 105 off season in Chachoengsao Province

Prawach Chourwong, Wipanan Iaprasert, Sureeporn meehom


This research object aimed to determine the optimum factors of cultivated KDML 105 off-season. Used the controllable components to determine the expected variables were affect in the experiment, which were 1) rice seeds 2) soil series of Chachoengsao and Don Rai 3) organic, chemical and mixed fertilizer, and 4) water level of 5 cm. The experiments were repeated 3 times. It’s showed that the paddy grains in the quality standards of weight per 100 seeds in Chachoengsao soil series had the maximum weight 2.76 grams with the mixed fertilizers and Don Rai had 2.80 grams with organic. For the length, in Chachoengsao soil series were the maximum of 10.38 millimeter with chemical fertilizer and Don Rai were 10.28 millimeter with mixed fertilizers. The research summary showed that the cultivation of KDML 105 planted in December would have the best output and met quality standards.

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