Pāli Language Teaching Method: A Case Study of Translation Method in Wat Rajadiwas Viharn

Phra Suman Raja Bajracharya, Suwaree Yordchim, Krik Roger Person, Saowalak Saelee


Pāli language is one of the old language in Asia, used in the religious scripts of Buddhism and Hinduism. In Thailand, Pāli language is considers as the language of Buddha himself because most of the religious scripts, books and texts are in Pāli language. There have been teaching Pāli language in Thailand since Ayutthaya period. Wat Rajadiwas Viharn had been teaching Pāli for more than 100 years. In this temple, Pāli language is teach by using grammar translation method which focus on memorizing text books. The result of this paper found that students can memorize the grammar, translated books and able to translate in average level. And teacher’s teaching method are focused on translation more than explaining grammar to students because most of students only aim to pass the national examination held once a year by Buddhist council of Thailand known as ‘Pāli Sanam Luang’.

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