Travel Motivations of Thai Tourists Travelling Abroad with a Tour Operator

Narudome Oksue, Raweewan Proyrungroj, Watcharin Anantapong, Arphaporn Jirakoonwat


This research investigated the motivations that drove Thai tourists to travel abroad with a tour operator and the experiences they gained. An interpretive paradigm utilizing qualitative data collection methods (semi-structured interviews and participant observation) was employed. The informants included twenty-four Thai tourists, selected by purposive sampling and snowball sampling. The collected data were analyzed with thematic analysis.
The findings of the research revealed that the motivations and on-site experiences of these tourists were multidimensional. Three main motivational themes were identified: (1) a desire for convenience and comfort in travelling; (2) factors related to the tourists’ budget; and (3) factors related to a tour operator. The first two factors were push motivational factors, whereas the last one was a pull factor.

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