Melody and Text of Chapter in Bai Si Sukhuan for marriage ceremony in Ubon Ratchatani

Khomsan Phimphaet, Suangsuda singkhornart, Tinnakorn Attapaiboon


This research was conducted to study the role of the soul prayer in Ubon
Ratchathani province and also study the praying meaning of marriage ceremony in Ubon Ratchathani province. This is a qualitative research that study and analyze data which collect information on field survey and directly discussion using surveying method including Interviews and Observations. The sample was selected from specific populations and samples using Quota sampling in condition of gender and age by selected the male whose
the age is over 60 years old having an experience in soul praying for more than 10 years.
The result found that most of the soul prayer are farmer and perform the soul praying for the second job. They are also have another role in their community to be help on other occasions for example the praying event and the religious ceremony. The most famous event of the praying soul is the marriage ceremony; the prayer will be lead the activity which related both of religious and their own practice. The process step of the soul paying ceremony begins with the worship of "Rattana Tri" or "Triple Gem", invitation of the goddess, Wai worship respect to all the expert and teacher, making water, ritual bathing, inviting morale and soul praying. The last step is handfasting (Wish Good Luck by Binding People’s Wrist) to the bridge and groom in order for their blessing and educates them about the duties of the daughter-in-law or son-in-law to the bride and groom. The praying is in
long form poem using limited word not over that one period of inhaling and exhaling. The vowel rhyme in each part is not necessary but if the vowel rhyme is available the last word of the first chapter will be rhyme with any word of the following chapter. The melody result of the Su-Kwan praying is found the musical characteristics in Unitary Form, Monophonic texture, and Minor Pentatonic Scale.

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