Factors Influencing Safety Behavior of Manufacturing Workers in Rubber Wood Industry

Charinee Jaiuea, Suwit Chanpetch


This study explored the factors influencing safety behavior of manufacturing workers in Rubber Wood Industry. A total of 440 respondents were selected. This research was Quantitative research with the questionnaires as research instrument. The data was analyzed by descriptive statistics and Hierarchical Multiple Regression Analysis.
The result of this research showed that the safety working climate, conscientiousness and safety attitude toward working indicated the safety working behavior at 40.8 percent (F = 101.816, P < .01). The result can be use as the guideline for the organization to impose safety policy such as safety training provide for the employees whose work related to the specific risks. Wood processing operators need to pay attention on a preparation of personal
safety equipment by set up the monitoring system and safety behavior evaluation in working for the benefit of the employees and sustainable growth of the Rubber Wood Industry.

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