Development of Waste Management as Part of Sustainable Tourism Education for Primary School in Koh Samui District Concepts Through The “Team Teaching”

จิรวรรณ คุ้มพร้อม สำลีพันธ์



          The objectives of this research were 1) study the current situation of implementing development of waste management at school and communities in Koh Samui.   2) To develop the learning activity by using concepts “team teaching” 3) To apply and evaluate the developed increase activity.The sample group for  Objective 1 consisted of 18 purposely selected school directors, 30 hotel operators , and 7 community leaders. The sample group for objectives 2-3 were 65 purposely selected students in Grade 6. The research instruments were  1) a questionnaire for directors hotel operators , and community leaders. 2) teaching plans by using concepts “team teaching” 3) assessment forms for learning activity  4) a behavior assessment form 5) The enumerator activities of students. 6) student behavior surveys to the waste management

          The results of  research were 1) To development of waste management  at school and communities in Koh Samui. 1.1) Organic waste has the most per day. 1.2) The waste management  uses how to reduce ,reuse and recycle to the organic waste. 2) There are 6 learning activities “team teaching” 2.1) the waste can be reduced by 3Rs. 2.2) enzyme ionic plasma 2.3) benefits  of plastic bottles 2.4) increase values for beverage cartons 2.5) change  the waste to money 2.6) the development of waste management 3) the learning assessment total averages. 4)Mean of the sample group is higher than before studying. 5) The result of work team for teachers 6) Point average of like activities and average contentment of work is the best. 


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