Retail Mix Infl uencing Brand Equity of Convenience Stores

จันทร์พิมพ์ ปิยคุณากร



The purpose of this study was to study the retail mix factors that influence on brand equity of convenience stores. This study was a quantitative research which used questionnaire to be the instrument to collect data. A sample of 420 was randomly drawn from consumers who have purchased products and service at 7-Eleven, Tesco Lotus Express and Family Mart in Bangkok. The reliability of questionnaire was 0.937 and the statistics used for data analysis were frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and multiple linear regression.

The results of this study found that of the six retail mix factors, the four factors which influenced on brand equity of convenience stores were merchandise assortment, communication mix, store design and display and customer service. While the retail mix factors such as location and pricing did not have influence on brand equity of convenience stores at a statistical significance level of 0.05. These six factors could explain the variation of brand equity of convenience stores approximately 55.7 percent.


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