The Design and Application of Guide System in Yuanjia Village Scenic Area, Xianyang City

Zhang Xiao, Pibool Waijittragum


In recent years, with the improvement of mass consumption level and the continuous development of social economy, the scale and quality of tourism industry are also constantly improving. Folk tourism has become a hot spot of tourism because of its rich folk cultural characteristics. Yuanjia Village, located in Yanxia Town, Liquan County, Xianyang City, is one of the rural tourist attractions with rich folk customs in Shaanxi Province.  Based on the research and analysis of the guide system of Yuanjiacun scenic spot in Xianyang, this paper determines the importance of the guide system design in the scenic spot.  Through the field survey and questionnaire analysis of the current situation of the Yuanjia Village scenic spot guidance system, the paper summarizes the objective problems and deficiencies. Finally, through the system of science and sustainable development of the design concept to its ideological guidance, to the Yuanjia Village scenic area of the guide system design put forward the corresponding comments and suggestions.

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