Research of interior space from the perspective of cultural identity by using blue and white porcelain

Fu Tian, Supawadee Juysukha


This article focuses on the study of a precious art form in Chinese traditional art - Blue and White Art. Blue and white porcelain as a unique form of ceramic art, stands out in the history of ceramic art. Through blue and white decorations, can feel the spirit of literati politics at that time and also experience people's longing for a better life. Currently, the Chinese government advocates "cultural confidence" to enhance people's sense of identity with traditional culture. The main purpose of this article is to make up for the cultural deficiencies of young people, combine tradition with modernity, launch products with a national style design, lead the design trend, and enhance the core values of "cultural confidence". The research results are as follows: 1) Understanding the development process of blue and white art, the origin of blue and white porcelain, and the evolution of different blue and white patterns in different dynasties. 2) Clarifying the application of blue and white art in spatial construction, the color expression of blue and white elements in interior decoration and the shaping and scene creation of blue and white patterns in spatial textures. 3) Establishing the application prospects of blue and white art in future spatial design. It aims to promote the integration of blue and white art and modern spatial design by organizing the development process and artistic characteristics of blue and white art, and create a theoretical research system to enhance national cultural confidence.

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