Exploring the Forms and Reconstruction of the Armor of the Yuejia Army in Song China a Historical and Technical Analysis

Li Chunli, Taechit Cheuypoung


Ancient Chinese armor is of great historical and cultural significance, reflecting the martial arts tradition and craftsmanship of ancient civilizations. Among them, Song Dynasty Yuejia Army Armor is one of the most representative armors in China. Song Dynasty Yuejia Army armor represents the equipment of the army led by General Yue Fei in Song Dynasty, and has important historical significance and value. By studying the craftsmanship, usage and decoration of the armor, we can understand the equipment level and military culture of the Song Dynasty army. Secondly, the decoration and design of the armor distinguishes it from other armor types of the same dynasty, reflecting the unique identity and military strength of the Yue Family Army. Studying the decorative patterns, floral motifs, and symbols of the armor can provide an understanding of the styles and characteristics of Song decorative arts, and has a certain reference value for the study of Song arts and crafts. This research project aims to thoroughly study the form and reconstruction of the armor of the Yue Family Army in the Song Dynasty through a comprehensive examination of the historical records, archaeological discoveries, and artistic representations of the Yue Family Army. By comparing and analyzing different types and styles of armor from the Song Dynasty, the project aims to understand the evolution of the Yue Family Army's armor design, construction techniques and materials, and to compile complete information about the Yue Family Army of the Song Dynasty.

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