Explore the perspective of natural ecology and traditional culture for B&B design

Kong Yu, Noppadon Sangwalpetch


This study explores issues related to B&B design from the perspective of natural ecology and the promotion of traditional culture. Through the study of the use of natural elements and the integration of regional characteristics, new ideas and methods are provided for the design of B&B. B&B design is an important part of the tourism industry, which can better meet people's demand for green tourism accommodation and promote the sustainable development of tourism. Therefore, this study takes the design of B&B in Scholar's Lane as an example and explores B&B design from the following aspects. 1. By defining and explaining the concept of natural ecology, the connotation and meaning of B&B design under the natural ecological perspective is clarified. B&B design needs to incorporate natural elements to create an accommodation experience that is harmonious and integrated with the natural environment. 2. The study explores the use of natural elements in B&B design. The use of natural light, landscape painting wallpaper, plant decoration, etc., as well as the natural extension and connection design of interior spaces. 3. Attention is paid to the relationship between B&B design and regional characteristics. Different regions have different natural ecological conditions and cultural traditions, and B&B design should incorporate regional characteristics and reflect the local natural environment and cultural flavor.

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