Reviving Cultural Heritage: Applying Zhuang Copper Drum Elements to Corporate Image Design with a Focus on a Watch Brand's Corporate VI in Guangxi

Zhang Yue, Taechit Cheuypoung


This paper discusses how to apply Zhuang bronze drum elements to corporate identity design in order to inherit and inspire Chinese Zhuang culture, and to enhance the uniqueness and cultural heritage of corporate identity. By studying the cultural background and characteristics of the Zhuang bronze drums and combining them with modern design concepts, it is cleverly integrated into corporate identity design, which not only inherits the ethnic culture but also gives the company a unique visual symbol and establishes its cultural confidence. In the design, the combination of tradition and modernity is taken into account, and the Zhuang bronze drum elements are incorporated into the corporate logo, brand image and product design to show the company's respect and concern for the local culture and attract consumers' attention. The findings of the study are as follows: 1. Understand the development of the art of bronze drum decoration, the origin of the bronze drum and the evolution of bronze drum decoration in different generations. 2. To identify the application of bronze drum ornamentation in corporate identity design, the colour expression of bronze drum elements in corporate identity design, and the application of bronze drum ornamentation in auxiliary graphics. 3. establishes the prospects for the application of the art of copper drum ornamentation in corporate image design. The aim is to create a theoretical research system and apply the concept of cultural revival in practice by collating the development history and artistic characteristics of Zhuang copper drum art and promoting the integration of copper drum tattoo art with today's corporate identity design.

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